Thursday, 25 April 2013

Host update: Community Action Suffolk E-bikes

The community development agency Community Action Suffolk is keen to promote sustainable travel as part of their responsibility in reducing the negative impact on the environment. They were one of the very first Bike Aid hosts when they were previously known as Suffolk ACRE. Now two electric cycles, named Bert and Ernie, have become available for use by staff and tenants in their Ipswich offices at Brightspace for short range travel within the Ipswich area. They also provide safety equipment such as high visibility vests and cycle helmets as well as a security lock and lights.

A journey into the town or to Suffolk County Council’s Endeavour House now takes just a few minutes and there’s no need to hunt about for a parking space at the other end either. 

The bikes have been part funded by the Low Carbon Champions Project, Suffolk County Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

With two identical bikes, will the temptation for users heading to the same meeting to race them be resisted?

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