Bike Aid Kits

We suggest that people collect unused spare tools (every cyclist has some) to create a Bike Aid kit in their locality. The cost of this is negligible. Otherwise you can purchase tools to make up the kits.

We think the Bike Aid kit should contain anything the sponsor thinks would be useful to a cyclist. The initial kits provided by Halesworth in Transition had as a minimum:

1 pump with hose
1 Schrader/Woods tyre valve adaptor
1 puncture repair kit: patches and glue
3 tyre levers (metal)
1 flat or box multi spanner

These were housed in a cardboard mailing tube with a A4 label printed on paper.

We were able to purchase all these items for around £9.00 per kit.

It is possible to create a cheaper kit for under £2.00 each with slightly less durable tools.

We have since dispensed with buying cardboard mailing tubes. Two square fruit juice or milk cartons can be recycled by slipping one inside the other to make a waterproof and durable container.