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Halesworth Transition & Cycling Exchange

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The Halesworth Bicycle Team (HBT) is a community group made up of local cycling interests (including Suffolk Bike Aid) that has been enabled by Halesworth Town Council and Halesworth's Portas Project to develop cycling around the Suffolk town which is situated on the National Cycle Route 1.

The HBT is now inviting potential exhibitors to take part in a market place and meeting of cycling and Transition information and services. In the tradition of Hollywood financing, a dummy poster of the event is being shown to attract exhibitors' interest. If it needs to be any clearer: this event isn't confirmed just yet, but exhibitors interest so far has been very high. The more support shown, the more people will participate. When enough people say "yes" to make it viable, it will happen, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Halesworth in Transition held a very successful 'Watts from Where?' event in 2011 which proved public interest in Transition and sustainable energy. HinT's members have been very busy lately with realising Halesworth's new Millennium Green Cycle Path (opening 18 May 2013) and the second edition of their local food directory will be published later this year along with holding a local 30:30 food challenge. HinT will have a stall at the market in the Old Print Works on the 14th September and will be 'barkers' to direct visitors to the Rifle Hall and vice-versa.

Home-grown vegetables
The 'exchange' will take place in some form or another on Saturday September 14th 2013, the same day as a annual charity cycle ride with 1000’s of cyclists of all ages passing the door and a popular monthly home & local produce market in the Thoroughfare (which is on NCR1) to bring in footfall. 

However, the purpose of this posting is to find if there is lots of interest or if people are already committed elsewhere. The HBT need to know so they can prioritize resources. Expressions of interest, non-binding naturally, from potential exhibitors greatly enables obtaining funding for street advertising and spurs the enthusiasm of volunteers.

The HBT hopes to attract cycling clubs, cycling organisations, sustainable energy groups, new and second-hand bike sellers, repair technicians, training classes, cycle tourism information, energy saving technology, Transition groups, food growing and plant clubs. If your organisation, product or service enables the use of sustainable energy, it should be here.

HBT want to offer stalls free to community groups. A small charge would be made to funded bodies and traders to cover the costs of hall hire and advertising etc. There is a refreshment serving area. Bikes can be brought inside, the ceilings are high, the hall has disabled access and there is public transport to the door.

Halesworth Bicycle Team

Have they missed anything? If you're interested in taking part in some way, please get in touch. 

Please contact Nat Bocking at Community Action Suffolk who is conducting this market research for HBT.

Mobile 07787 258137

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