Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Get Britain Cycling

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group report 'Get Britain Cycling' has been released today. You can read the full report at 

We see that £18 million invested on 'cycling towns' got a £64 million return in benefits by same appraisal method used for highways.

In a long list of recommendations, it has:

5 Integration with public transport
5.1 Cycling should be promoted in conjunction with public transport as a 
healthy and sustainable door-to-door option for longer-distance journeys. 
This can be done through:
• Good access to, from and within stations and interchanges
• Secure, sheltered and accessible cycle parking;
• Cycle centres (offering cycle hire, repair and storage facilities) at larger 
stations and interchanges.

• Providing cycle carriage space on new and refurbished trains and trams 
(also on some buses, e.g. for more lightly used routes serving areas which 
are popular for recreational cycling activity, including mountain biking).

Naturally, Suffolk Bike Aid posits a far greater return on investment if authorities could have the imagination to adopt and promote our scheme.

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