Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Way I Roll

Suffolk Bike Aid was tipped off to this series of films made by Peter Sutherland and financed by gear maker Thule by the Photo District News which is indispensable reading for the professional photographer.

From these films Suffolk Bike Aid discovered pro rider Chris Van Dine and his partnership with Pedals 4 Progress, which is we suppose the point.
Photographer and filmmaker Peter Sutherland made his 2002 documentaryPedal, about the fast-paced, sometimes reckless work of New York City’s bike messengers, on a shoestring budget with his own funding. Though the film was picked up by the Sundance Channel and aired on the TV network for two years, Sutherland says, “I made no money.” Last year, however, his work on the film landed him a lucrative assignment producing six short, documentary-style films for Thule, the Swedish company that makes handlebar bags, saddlebags and other bike accessories. Ten years after the release of Pedal, says Sutherland, the Thule assignment “was an unexpected way to get compensated for making the film.”
Pedals 4 Progress rescue bicycles destined for landfill and ships them to developing countries where they are sorely needed and highly valued. The bikes are put to work not only as basic transportation, but are used as a supplement to school and community programs. The bikes are adapted for use as trash haulers, produce trucks, taxis, and farm machinery. Some municipalities even sponsor recreational cycling programs, making bikes available to all who care to participate.

The Way I Roll - six films about passionate bikers (Trailer) 

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