Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Surplus furniture recycled by Bike Aid

After the controversial Schools Organisation Review carried out by Suffolk County Council, a great deal of surplus school equipment and furniture was shipped to Halesworth Middle School in September for disposal. Being that our local school was closed in the reorganisation, we were keen to see that all this equipment and furniture didn't go to waste. After badgering a few people in the county council about what was going to happen, we were told that once the remaining schools had taken their pick, everything left would be available for free to Suffolk community groups. So through Suffolk ACRE's email list, Suffolk Bike Aid alerted hundreds of groups and many went and obtained very useful furniture and equipment. Suffolk Bike Aid got for itself one of these paper storage racks and the trays which is now the central sorting point for donated bike tools and all our fiddly spares and it's where we can keep the various kinds of materials we use to make Bike Aid containers. In the winter months ahead, we'll be tinkering in the shed with Bike Aid R&D on some ideas we've got to make presentable containers out of recycled materials.

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