Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bike Aid sponsored by Suffolk ACRE

Suffolk Bike Aid can announce it has secured the rural development charity Suffolk ACRE as an in-kind sponsor to shoulder the small outgoings and insurance requirements so there will be a Bike Aid presence at the Latitude Festival at Henham from 12-15 July. It is now possible for Bike Aid to create a cycling community centre in the campsite amenity area for the 35,000 visitors to Latitude. Look for the banner above we've just ordered.

We are asking for any support that cycling-focussed organisations can give us with supplying local cycling and tourism literature, tents, folding tables, info boards, bike tools, puncture repair kits, folding chairs, lighting, bunting, banners, bike stand, stickers etc.

Along with information about Suffolk ACRE's work with rural communities, we aim to include information about local transition, local food groups and other things that fit in with the Bike Aid ethos of building communities and social capital by cycling; in the hope of course those groups will support Bike Aid somehow in kind. Bike Aid will be collecting unwanted bike tools and bike bits from the Tour De Latitude riders to recycle as bike aid kits or deliver to a local cycling workshop providing training and employment to disabled people.

We also need to recruit a few local-cycling-knowledgeable volunteers (i.e. people who actually cycle in Suffolk sometimes) to man the stall.

If you can help us in anyway, please get in touch, email is best, from the contact page.

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