Sunday, 1 January 2012

Roving SOS Bikes of São Paulo

The city of São Paulo, the largest in Brazil, has invested in creating a 45 km network of bike paths. It also provides a staffed cycle repair station in the main park and six mechanics on specially-equipped bikes who patrol the bike paths to assist with any breakdowns and give advice and encouragement. And best of all, this is all free. 

The SOS BIKE mechanics provide:
  • Seat and handlebar adjustment
  • Chain tensioning
  • Puncture repair and wheel balancing
  • Brake adjustments
The best we can tell with Google's translation is this is part of a campaign called Movemento Conviva to encourage peaceful coexistence between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Their mission statement says: "living well begins with small actions, which generate big changes". Well, Bike Aid can testify to that!

More info in Portuguese

Follow them on Twitter: @reporterconviva

Boris Johnson and mayors everywhere: take note.

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