Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bike Aid kits on a budget


There are many sources of material to provision Bike Aid kits. Our first suggestion is to re-employ spare tools and patches widely found unused in cyclists' sheds however we have noticed that 'pound' shops and major supermarkets now stock cycling accessories. A recent visit to a 99p Store and Poundland found similarly equipped kits at their eponymous prices so we are confident that both a puncture repair kit and a pump can be purchased for less than than the cost of a large latte in chain coffee shops. Poundland's pump fits both kind of valve and their pump and patch kit with levers and wrench can both fit neatly inside a 12" x 2" mailing tube.

We are asking Poundland if they'd like to donate some pumps and patch kits to make demonstration kits which we can take around.

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