Thursday, 10 November 2011

Plans for new cycle route through Millennium Green

National Cycle Route 1 and the International North Sea Cycle Route pass through Halesworth and make a significant contribution to the local tourism industry although it is widely considered that at present the full potential of cycle tourism for this area has not been fully developed. This proposal is for a completely new access for the Town from the south consisting of over 1 km. of off-road route bringing cyclists right into the heart of the Town through the scenically attractive Millennium Green.

The present NCR 1 enters the Town from the west on the busy B1117 from Chediston and with the one way restrictions on Chediston Street it diverts through the Church Farm housing estate. Not the most attractive or welcoming approach to our Town. The new route provides a relaxing traffic free entrance to the Town, a fantastic local recreational facility providing opportunities for excellent safe links to various parts of the Town for cyclists, walkers, wheelchair and buggy users. You can read the full project outline hosted here.

This is provisionally costed at £150,000. The initial response from the planners is good and we now need to contact the Environment Agency to discuss issues relating to the flood plain and Waveney about the route through the Park – oh and find £150,000

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