Sunday, 3 April 2011

Free Bike Repair Stations in Cambridge.... USA

Wired, the journal of high-tech innovation, reports that free bike repair stations have been installed by the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge Transportation Program Manager Cara Seiderman said  “It’s a way of supporting and making it easier for people to bike".

The stands provide tire gauges and pumps, Allen wrenches and a few other tools that enable cyclists to adjust seats or handlebars.

Each station cost the city about $1,000 and Seiderman said the city got the idea from MIT which has already installed repair stations around its campus. No word on whether you get a puncture repair kit which is the most common problem cyclists encounter. If they remember to bring theirs, they usually remember to bring a few tools as well. According to a city press release, these stands are for fixing a low tire, a loose chain, or a wiggly handlebar.

I wonder why the city didn't consider the no-cost provision model of Suffolk Bike Aid rather than going to the expense and trouble to install fixed facilities but I thoroughly applaud this innovation. Perhaps the bike-friendly UK namesake will do so too? 

You can find the 'Fixit' stands on Google maps

View Bike FixIt Stand Locations in a larger map

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